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Pharmacology has collected such abundant material that it has become a separate science. Pathology has not only elucidated the significance of the individual conditions causing the disease, but has also sought to determine, through observation and experience, the mechanism of disorders; the whole world of fungi that cause diseases has been discovered and investigated, and in many cases the foundations of the fight against these harmful agents have been discovered.

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Get better ED treatment results Pathological anatomy, taking advantage of the successes of histology, discovered changes in organs and tissues characteristic of known diseases, which during life can often be determined on the basis of such differences. Physiology, having applied the experimental method, has been enriched by many unexpected discoveries.

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XI. Nineteenth century. Anatomy became a definitive science, the efforts of researchers were directed towards the study of tissue anatomy, and important improvements achieved in microscopic technology responded to this desire.

  Historical works have become more numerous in our century: Kurt Sprengel published his great essay on the pragmatic history of M., Gezer, Baas, Wunderlich, Pumman; Darambert, Renzar, Guardia, de Renzi, Richter and many others. others published very important works.

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works on ucmopuu M. begin to appear, namely Leclerc, Gedicke, Freund, Schulze, Ackermann. Some developed the history of individual branches of M. (Gebenstreit, Gruner, Thriller, Grimm, Kokki, and others), others - biographies (Baldinger), and still others - bibliography (Haller).

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